Womenswear and accessories by Ashiya Omundsen.

Par Moi is a reflection of Ashiya's personal aesthetic with each piece being designed, drafted, cut and sewn by Ashiya in Melbourne. Pieces are released as they are ready, rather than in seasonal collections and are available in limited numbers.

Par Moi believes in complete transparency, here’s what you need to know:



Each piece is carefully made to order or held in very small inventory. This is a more responsible way of creating garments as only what is needed is produced. Pieces are available until available materials are finished, and materials are held in limited supply.



Par Moi’s footprint is minimised by sourcing most materials from deadstock and surplus fabrics. All non-natural materials are sourced this way in an effort to reduce the need for new high impact materials to be made.



Par Moi connects directly with you, the individual, allowing pieces to be delivered to you at a fair price, based on materials and time. There is no markup for wholesale or to allow room for ‘promotions’, as such Par Moi will never go on sale.



Par Moi does not adhere to 'seasonal' collections and instead offers small releases as they are ready. This allows new pieces to be available as they are dreamt up.

 Have a question? Get in touch - ashiya@par-moi.com